Saturday, 19 October 2013

Tallest Menhir cries for attention
Chennai, October 19: One of the tallest menhir in Tamil Nadu is crying for attention. Located in non descript village Kumarikalpalayam in Tirupur district, the menhir which is nine meters high is surrounded by bushes. The locals conduct an annual festival and perform poojas to the menhir. But so far the site has not been studied and promoted like many other historical sites in the state. Locals said that if the place is promoted as historical site, it would add value to their village.

Speaking to DC Superintendenting archeologist of Archeological survey of India, Chennai circle G.Maheswari said, “Mehir is known as ‘nadukal’ in Tamil. It is placed in the memory of a brave leader. Many menhirs belong to 1,000 BC. We will look into this menhir situated in Kuarmikalpalayam. This could be promoted as potential tourist spot.” She added that ASI would pitch in to improving the site after studying it in detail. “Erode and its neighbouring districts have several historical sites. Whenever we come to know about new sites, we will engage people to study and take necessary steps to improvise the place,” she said.

Educationists say that students should be exposed to historical sites in local areas so as to increase their interest in history. Social activist A.Devaneyan, who campaigns for child friendly education said, “Unless children are informed about history of their villages, their towns, they would not be interested to follow up global issues. In order to widen their perspective, local history is very much needed. That too menhirs stand as an evidence for real heroes in villages who fought centuries back to protect the land. It is quintessential to protect the sites and teach children about it.”