Wednesday, 9 October 2013

4th November -rebirth of a girl in the world of sound

Pramila Krishnan
Chennai, October 10: November 4 would mark a rebirth for Abinaya. The five-year-old inmate of an orphanage at Madurai will be wheeled into the operation theatre for a free cochlear implant that will introduce sounds and songs to the world of the cute girl born with hearing impairment. The state government has waived the requirement of 
producing ration card or any other identity card for her to benefit from the CM’s free insurance scheme, as Abinaya has no family and was found abandoned near Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple three years ago.

The government gave her the exemption and will release the funds for the expensive surgery. When the private hospital authorities insisted hat the staff of the home produce the identity cards to register for the scheme, the orphanage was clueless on how to solve the issue. The appeals by many kind hearts and media reports influenced the panel which finalises beneficiaries for the surgery. The panel gave the green signal and approved her for the surgery next month. 

Thanking the panel for the clearance, Abinyaya’s caretaker Joseph Benziger said, “ After the surgery, Abinaya would be a happy child. She is studying in a special school. This surgery would empower her to be a normal child. We will help her to go to a normal school,” he said with happiness.

Benziger recalled that all efforts to trace her parents ended in vain. “She was found close to the temple and she could not provide any details about her family or native town when she was rescued. A teashop owner rescued her and produced her in the local police station and finally she was placed in our home. We suspect that she was abandoned because of her hearing disability,” said Joseph.