Tuesday, 7 June 2016

                       TWO POTS AND DELHI STORY  

These two pots on the road made me stand there for few minutes.  I took this picture at Ashoka Road in New Delhi in front of Andra Bhavan.  

I found many of these kinds of pots or medium sized cans on roads, street corners in Delhi. 

Pots filled with water found infront of Andhra Bhavan at Ashoka Road
I found toilet facilities – for your kind information-for both men and women-in many public places. 

And many of them did not  stink!

For the last one month, everything I see in Delhi is brining me the picture of Google street view map to my eyes to compare the scene in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

Yes of course Delhi merits and scores points in many occasions. 

But water and toilet facilities top the list.

I remember there were days when I used to walk for more than a kilometer and found no public toilets on Chennai roads; finally I ask for coffee or juice in a hotel just to use the dirty washroom.

To my knowledge in the last one month, I found this city has a little concern for its denizens than Chennai! 

PS: I will be writing similar notes comparing Delhi and Chennai till I move to a different city!