Friday, 27 February 2015

Rafflesia Ornaldii

Rafflesia Ornaldii and Subarakshitha

It was a fantastic morning for me. My cute little friend Subarakshitha prepared breakfast for me. Ofcourse I helped her with cutting the vegetables to make tomato curry and poori. She came with her family to wish me for my birthday and decided to stay back in my house. We went to the beach in the evening. Both of us were playing in the sand for while. She was talking to me about her school, homework and how she dominates in her class as a group leader. I was just wondering and at the same time thanking God for giving those glorious
moments with such a lovely kid in my life. I am blessed. 

Little Suba in my kitchen
This little girl became my friend way back in 2012. A fully drunk millionaire drove a Merc over a pavement at Egmore in the middle of the night while my little Suba was sleeping there with her grandmother and her cousin. She woke up to witness the death of her cousin Muniraj and raised an alarm as the car had run over her right hand completely damaging her wrist. I wrote about the incident and visited her at her house.

She did not talk to me at the first sight. I made frequent visits and became her friend. It took some time for her to accept me as her friend. My news articles in Deccan Chronicle helped Suba for her treatment. I was glad that I was able to bring a smile on the face of the child. I had sent a Barbie doll for her once. Then we spoke to over the phone about her hospital treatment, rejoining for her studies, blah, blah... and the friendship blossomed similar to the world’s biggest flower –Rafflesia Ornaldii...

Her visit yesterday was a great gift to me. God’s gift. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

  Why I hate plastics

Three years ago, I visited the government veterinary hospital to meet experts there who came up with a research paper on plastic being found in cow's milk. The startling fact revealed yet another shocking story to me. While I was leaving the hospital I learnt that plastic that we leave on roads are consumed by cows and buffaloes and that's how plastic has contaminated the fresh milk from cow.

While I was leaving the place feeling great that I had got a damn good story for the day, I stopped infront of the mortuary. When I peeped in I found two big buckets filled with plastic bags. Those bags looked as if they were soaked in blood. Doctors there told me that almost 35kgs of plastic bags were found in the stomach of a cow. With a heavy heart, I left the place. I wrote the story and at the same time, I decided I shouldnt use plastic bags anymore. I avoid it till date as much as possible. I feel like killing a cow everytime I buy a plastic bag.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brazil taps run dry: Amazon forests on deathbed

I felt very bad when I read a report in The Hindu newspaper on huge water crisis spilling over Brazil.  Just imagine the situation where the children are fed sandwiches only because the school managements are unable to use water to clean the plates on which cooked meal is served. The following is the link for the article: 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Maiyam - an one hour show on increasing road accidents in Tamil Nadu will be telecast in News 7 Tamil on this Saturday at 11 am to 12 noon. The aim of the show is to spread awareness on prevention of road accidents and introduce survivors and in turn inspire viewers. I anchor the show.

More about the show:
One theme will be chosen by Maiyam team every month; And the one hour weekend show will have exclusive stories and experts views and iconic people, who have overcome challenges in life, will be introduced in the show. In the third week,  three hour live show be aired from a rural area where the issue is prevalent. Maiyam show will be telecast on 7th Feb, 14th Feb,21st and 28th Feb of this month.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Promo for my show on increasing road accidents in Tamil Nadu.

Every Saturday at 11to 12 noon - at News 7 Tamil