Wednesday, 25 February 2015

  Why I hate plastics

Three years ago, I visited the government veterinary hospital to meet experts there who came up with a research paper on plastic being found in cow's milk. The startling fact revealed yet another shocking story to me. While I was leaving the hospital I learnt that plastic that we leave on roads are consumed by cows and buffaloes and that's how plastic has contaminated the fresh milk from cow.

While I was leaving the place feeling great that I had got a damn good story for the day, I stopped infront of the mortuary. When I peeped in I found two big buckets filled with plastic bags. Those bags looked as if they were soaked in blood. Doctors there told me that almost 35kgs of plastic bags were found in the stomach of a cow. With a heavy heart, I left the place. I wrote the story and at the same time, I decided I shouldnt use plastic bags anymore. I avoid it till date as much as possible. I feel like killing a cow everytime I buy a plastic bag.