Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Today shunning all my laziness, I took a bold step to cycle all the way from my home to office. Mustering courage I peddled a few steps from Tiruvanmiyur signal to Adyar LB road. OMG it took 15 mins. I recollected how I would vroom through these roads without giving any thought to look at tiny shops on road and men who cycle. With full determination, I cycled on battered roads and counted 100 to hold my spirit. hmm... I reached Greenways road, I am dead tired. No looking back. Pulled up myself, I was singing all heroic songs to energise my legs. right from MGR to Rajini to the latest watched movie-Utthama Villan- I sang it all!!
No words to explain the atrocity''of two-wheelers and the fourwheelers. A kind bus driver on TTK road slowed down and allowed me to ride at my speed. I was forced to stop for two minutes at the CP Ramasamy road because of the signal. The journey continued as the drops of rain drenched my soul. I am happy. I think, peddling is a problem at the initial moments; then the rim of the tyre takes you on all pathways!
When I was riding via Poes garden, a serene locality, my humming became clear for the pedestrians. But to myself its not enough! charged up and telling myself that I CAN DO IT!! I reached gemini. From nowhere I got the strength to easily ride the long stretch of the crowded Nungambakkam to reach my office. WOW- I broke my record of laziness!! I should thank the rain for giving a shield from heat waves of Chennai that helped me to cycle.