Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Mobile van zooms to relax stressed schools students  

Chennai, February 6: Class 12 student K. Anbarasi of Maraimalai  Adigal high school in Pallavaram complains of severe headache within an hour of her study. For the last one month she couldn't spend more than an hour with her books. She needs frequent breaks to get back to preparations.

On Wednesday Anbarasi shared her plight with child psychologist Deva Kiruba, who was sent by the school educationdepartment in its mobile counselling van, at her school. Ms Kiruba listened to her and offered solutions to overcome the headache.

In order to relieve students like Anbarasi from mental stress and other psychological problems, the government has been operating 10 mobile counselling vans across the state since October 2013. As the public exams are approaching and many students are worried about their scores, child psychologists in mobile vans are zooming to schools to conduct stress management sessions. The multi-media presentation and an hour's interaction with psychologists encourages students to sort out their problems.

Just after the session, student Anbarasi could realise that unwanted fear and stress were the major reasons for her headache. "Thepsychologist taught me breathing exercises and how to balance my study and leisure hours. I understand that there is no need to worry and stress myself. I will practise stress management techniques regularly and concentrate on my studies," said Anbarasi.

Speaking to me about the counselling sessions, Ms Kiruba said, "In many cases children are severely stressed when family members do not care for them. They long for love and affection. Some students are depressed about having failed in previous exams and are unable to get themselves out of the rut. I give them tips to handle stress and to improve their positive thinking."

Psychologists do not only counsel students, but also provide orientation for teachers on how to handle children with learning disabilities and psychological problems.