Friday, 22 November 2013

Philippines and India on the same platform : Yeb Sano, climate commissioner, filipino

YEB SANO, Philippines climate change commissioner

Warsaw, November 22: India and Philippines stand on the same platform in terms of cyclone damage, says, Philippine climate change commissioner Yeb Sano. Mr Yeb Sano has been fasting for the last 12
days to observe solidarity with the people in his country, who are struggling for food after the recent typhoon Haiyan. He stole the attention at the UN summit on the first day two weeks ago as the
cyclone killed more than 10,000 people.

Speaking to me about the final day of the climate change summit, Mr Yeb Sano said, “I came from my country after seeing huge devastation. Even now, several of my relatives and neighbours are yet to be traced.We were shattered and reached this summit with lots of hopes. As the talks have not reached any conclusion  till late evening of the final day, I am afraid for the outcome.”

He added that there was a glimmer of hope on funds for the loss and damage due to natural calamities in his country. “I am worried but still have a little bit of hope on this last day. In that case, I see India and my country standing on the same platform. Though the loss of lives might differ, both of us are on the same page,” he said.

Stating that developed nations should support poor countries, he said,“There are heated discussions but the talks are dragging. The loss and damage mechanism was accepted in the last Doha 2012 climate talks. I
think many rich countries favour delay."