Saturday, 27 July 2013

Able hearts fight disability

Disabled sisters stand on their own feet

They cannot walk, need help to move anywhere. But their spirit
and confidence will steal you. 

Pramila Krishnan

Chennai, July28: Paralysed from waist down, they cannot walk but these sisters wish to stand on their own feet. Malliga, 22 and Kavitha, 20, have been wheel-chairing to every bank in their neighbourhood for over an year but are unable to convince any of them that their application for Rs.50000 credit to expand their petty shop deserves consideration.

Perhaps their tiny physique, which makes them appear like kids below ten years, is putting off the bankers, or may it’s their address: a pavement shed at Periyanur Colony in Dharmapuri. The sisters suffer from a rare genetic ‘Lysosomal disorder’, caused by the parents’ consanguineous marriage that stunted growth.

“Our parents carry us like babies for the periodical visits to hospital four km away. We feel very sad that we are being such a burden, literally. The government gave us both wheel chairs two years ago but they have gone bad, perhaps fatigued by the many trips to various banks”, Malliga said.

Kavitha said they could not get educated as it was not possible for their daily wager parents to carry them to school. “The state disabled welfare department sends us monthly aid of Rs.1000 each and we make a little money from our petty shop selling biscuits and small eats. We could lead a more dignified life and even help our parents financially if we get a bank loan and expand our shop”, she said.

The family almost found a solution to that problem through the chief minister’s revolutionary scheme that provided green greenhouses to the poor. “The civic authority started building us the greenhouse but stopped midway. Now an official says the house can be completed only if we pay Rs.50,000. Where do I go for that kind of money?” mumbled Murugan. To reach out to these sisters contact: 09566844534